Age-Defying Facial Lift Treatment

Firm to smooth away the signs of skin aging. Ideal treatment for mature skin conditions, seeking lifting effect with the hydration benefits of active protein products (Elastin, Collagen, Proteoglycans, and Cytokines). Complete the treatment with a surface moisturizer that further stimulates oxygenation to the skin. Achieving a tighter, firming effect with this age-defying lift that suspends time...

Treatment Time

60 Minutes

Thema Body Treatment

Thema finds its origin from the Greek language, where it means “something set down”. The main objective of this new line from Vagheggi is to prepare the skin and create the perfect balance that will increase the effectiveness of any specific body care treatment, thus intensifying the results.

The purification and detoxification of the body are particularly important today due to the accumulation of toxins and environmental pollutants, all of which leaves our skin in a vulnerable state. These toxins also reduce the skin's receptivity to treatments, inhibiting results and reducing the efficacy of the treatments. Thema allows the body to rediscover its essence and beauty.

Treatment Time

75 Minutes

Sinecell Body Treatment

From the outset, it has been a known fact that stress favours the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Today, it has proven that stress has a direct impact on skin problems typical of cellulite and localized adiposities. Vagheggi created Sinecell, a new body line specifically designed for busy people who live their lives intensely and have little time to devote to their well-being but still want the perfect silhouette! Sinecell is the long awaited answer to fighting unsightly cellulite and adiposities in a professional and efficient manner.

Sinecell's innovative solution responds to the aesthetics of cellulite with high-performance, new generation active ingredients. Special algae extracts stimulate the process of lipolysis, which activates blood circulation to create a fission in adipose tissues that burns fat and attacks the appearance of ‘"orange peel‘’ skin. Purified probiotics provide a revolutionary approach to the skin microbiome, where essential nutrients activate the recycling and subsequent disposal of waste. Sinecell’s action is enhanced by the reducing and draining effect of caffeine, organic iodine and seaweed extract from the Phyllacanta Fibrosa and Quercia Marina.

Treatment Time

75 Minutes


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