Brightening (Whitening) Herbal A Peel
Skin Treatment

This results-driven treatment includes our intense Herbal A Peel, which is coupled with Alex Cosmetics' professionally-targeted treatment. The treatment works to exfoliate dulling surface debris to improve surface clarity, regulate pigment production on a cellular level and provide overall brightening and tonal balance.

This effective treatment will accelerate skin brightening, improve skin tone and enhance clarity while creating a fresher, healthier appearance. Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. Botanical extracts help to treat and prevent cellular discolouration for unsurpassed brightening and tonal balance.

Treatment Time

90 Minutes

20% Primaluce Peel

Welcome to the innovation of chemical peels - an advanced treatment for a global renewal! Latest-generation active ingredients and innovative formulas help create the exfoliating and illuminating action of Primaluce Exforadiance. The ideal balance between the effective cosmetic exfoliating action of glycolic acid and the milder action of lactic acid allows for a delicate but effective peeling action, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

AHA (Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic acid) 20%, Soothing agent and Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob)

Treatment Time

60 Minutes

40 % Primaluce Peel

The high concentration of AHAs in this treatment promotes a targeted exfoliation. Ideal for skin that shows evidence of aging, including deep lines and hyperchromias, impurities, hyperkeratosis and a dull complexion. The balanced concentration of lactic, glycolic, and mandelic acids, in synergy with a softening agent make for a highly effective product that helps to boost the peeling action, while also reducing pigmentation.

AHA (Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic acid) 40%, Soothing agent and Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob)

Treatment Time

60 Minutes


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