Vortex Infusion, HydraFacial MD

The Red Carpet Treatment, HydraFacial MD!

This hands-off, state of the art, skin treatment comes at no better time than the present days of covid, when we are all taking extra protections and precautions to stay safe.

There is no feeling like the feeling of self care treatments, that work, give instant gratification, and set the bar high from the start. And literally do not require that touchy feely kind of traditional treatment people are steering clear of right now.

Imagine a treatment that contains a 3 phase exfoliation system, with each stage promising precise and focused results. The HydraFacial MD Treatment begins with the Activ 4 solution which removes the dead skin cells and excess sebum preparing the skin for the infusion of the many other hydrating serums.

Using salicylic and glycolic acids we then break up any dirt and oil clogging the pores so that the patented handpiece which uses a vortex method, will essentially vacuum out your blackheads, dirt, oil, and impurities, while hydrating, plumping, and nourishing serums are simultaneously applied to the skin.

Using the Anti-ox Serums, we infuse the skin, and restore hydration to give you that luminous glow we are all looking for.

This treatment is sure to enhance your skins barrier, and give you the skin you always wanted.

Choose self care, so that you can be the best you always.

We at Avantika would love to introduce you to this beautiful treatment, and are glad to answer any questions you have about the HydraFacial Treatment.

Thank you, and stay Safe

Diana @ AvantikaClinic


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