Resolution: Stunning Skin in 2021

At Avantika, we are striving to make our clients feel as beautiful as they look! We understand that your skin affects your confidence, and sometimes it does feel like an uphill battle. We sometimes fail to realize how unique and stunning our skin is!

But in 2021, we want you to realize that regardless of the hurdles that you may have, we have a solution to make you feel good with self care, and allow your skin to be great! Whether you deal with acneic skin, scarring, hyperpigmentation, aging and more. We have seen and helped thousands of men and women, and helped them achieve their skincare goals!

Below we have shared just one of our many incredible treatments & our top three product recommendations to help you tackle any of your skincare concerns!


Resolution 1. Improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Treatment Recommendation: Botox & Muscle Relaxers

Correct lines and wrinkles and turn back the clock, let us help enhance your appearance with just a few simple injections. Results from fillers and muscle relaxers are instant and provide a natural-looking enhancement.

How it Works

By using injections, we can correct and perfect all angles of your face with natural-looking results.

Product Recommendations:

Vagheggi Delay Infiniti Milk Cleanser | Shop Now

Vagheggi Delay Infiniti Eye Contour & Lip Balm | Shop Now

Vagheggi Delay Infiniti Cream | Shop Now


Resolution 2. Improve Acneic Skin & Appearance of Acne Scarring

Treatment Recommendation: Laser for Acne

The treatment of acne using pulsed light is gaining popularity among patients seeking a drug-free alternative to treat this common, chronic skin disease. Acne affects up to 80% of individuals at some time in their life. SharpLight™ systems provide very satisfactory results in the treatment of mild and moderate inflammatory acne by reducing the number of papules and pustules by 60-65%. This is achieved using three effective, safe and reliable clinical mechanisms: visible blue light absorption to destroy the bacteria, yellow light to coagulate the feeding blood vessels and infrared light to dry the lesions.

Product Recommendations:

Vagheggi Balance Cleansing Scrub Gel | Shop Now

Vagheggi Equilibrium Face Cream | Shop Now

Vagheggi Equilibrium Balancing Toner | Shop Now


Resolution 3. Look more radiant & hydrated

Treatment Recommendation: Signature Hydrafacial Tx Treatment

Deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. HydraFacial can address all skincare issues and can be used by everyone.

Product Recommendations:

Vagheggi Rehydra Cleansing Mousse | Shop Now

Vagheggi Rehydra Day Cream | Shop Now

Clayton Shagal Hyaluronic Serum | Shop Now


Resolution 4. Repair Sun Damaged Skin/Improve the appearance of Hyperpigmentation

Treatment Recommendation: Microneedling

Our beloved Vitamin C/Hyaluronic Infusion Microneedling Treatment has quickly become one of our most popular procedures. The production of collagen and elastin helps to thicken the skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and rid the skin of hyper-pigmentation. In about one to two hours after microneedling use, these micro-channels fully close through the body’s natural healing process.

This will provide just enough time for new collagen structures to form within the skin’s lower layers but is a short enough recovery time to ensure you can resume your normal schedule.

Product Recommendations:

Clayton Shagal AHA Mask | Shop Now

Vagheggi Lime Day & Night Cream | Shop Now

Vagheggi White Moon Protective Brightening Emulsion | Shop Now


Please note that these are just general recommendations. Avantika is Oakville, Ontario’s premier Medical Aesthetics Clinic & Spa.

At Avantika, we provide complimentary virtual skincare consultations to better assess how we can improve your skin. For more information, please email or call us 289.837.0037!

To book a treatment or for any other inquries, please visit

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