Anxious or Stressed? How about Physiotherapy....

2020 has brought us a-lot, and I think everyone can relate to the miserable feelings of stress & exhaustion, along with anxiety and tension.

adrenaline & noradrenaline

fast-acting hormones are released into the body, when the body is under stress. Also known as your fight or flight reaction! This up and down roller coaster can wreak havoc on your body and its nervous system.

When you start to feel tense, and sore spots, you can bet your stressed out body has caused you to develop angry trigger and pressure points! These are so painful!

These painful points sit deeply in the muscles fascia, and cause you discomfort until they are finally broken down and released. Many people experience nagging and sharp pains and are often unaware that their pain is as a result of this terrible knot!

There are many ‘common trigger points’ in the body. Here is a diagram depicting some common trigger point sites in the upper body. There are more trigger points typically found in the upper body than lower body.

The manual pressure provided by a knowledgeable therapist during trigger point therapy is intended to relax and normalize trigger points within the fascia, However, when stress, injury, poor posture, repetitive movement, or poor nutrition or hydration is imposed on the body, the fascia can become inelastic and stiff. This restricts the normal movement of the connective tissues beneath, leading to pain, immobility, and even an increased risk of injury.

Stress or Chronic stress is harmful to your body and can cause:

  • Depression

  • Fatigue and sleeplessness

  • Inflammation

  • Headaches and muscle tightness

  • Neck, back, and shoulder pain

  • Trigger points/pressure point pain

It is important to know and recognize that this pain caused by stress, can be helped and managed by a skilled and knowledgeable therapist.

Self care comes in all forms, Physiotherapy is a great way to handle stress when it becomes to much for the body. Stress is natural and it is our bodies way of protecting itself. However if you are having chronic stress then it is very important to manage that properly and take care of it before it becomes more serious.

Stress less, live happy, and enjoy


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